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My Post Natal Slimming Treatment

In my last post about my confinement, I mentioned about how I am grateful that I have decided to do my post natal slimming treatment with Valerie from Nouri Face & Body Concepts. I went to her for my prenatal massages and loved every session of it. I only wished I found her earlier.

Since we hit it off and her massage is really the strong type, plus she was patient enough to explain why her post natal slimming treatment is so effective, I decided to engage her for my post natal treatment, instead of the usual Jamu Massage everybody goes for.

She comes by my house 3 times a week for the treatment. Check out her post natal care packages here. All I have to do is prepare some old towels, use an old bed sheet and pillow cover over my current bed & pillow and ta-dah! All ready for Valerie!

post natal slimming

I took the 3 step treatment X 15 days. It is very unique and this specially formulated slimming treatment really makes sense to me – and this is after asking Valerie many many questions. Here’s the three steps:

Step 1: Lymphatic Detox Wrap

This ensures that I sweat as much as possible to detoxify and to get all the wind in my body out. The more sweat, the better!

Step 2: Fat Mobilisation

She uses a special machine (her trade secret) that helps to break down all the cellulite and fat that we gained during pregnancy. And if you’re wondering, YES, she leaves the machine at your house until the treatment package is done! First time ever I heard of such convenient service can.

Once the fat cells and cellulite are broken down, it can then be easily eliminated from our bodies. This machine, used in tandem with her special SEXY MUM cream, is way more effective than what hands can do to your body during a massage.

Oh yes, her SEXY MUM cream is also specially formulated by her. It is super spicy and you can feel the “heat” even hours after the treatment has ended. Shiok.

Step 3: Special Osmotic Tummy Wrap

Check out the special Trim n Fit wrap that Valerie manufactured herself.

post natal slimming

I always thought it will be painful & uncomfortable but this wrap is stretchy and really helps to firm up my entire torso. My womb also feels safely “tucked” in place. I wear this for like 22-23 hours a day and I definitely wouldn’t be able to do it if it was uncomfortable. Before she wraps this on me, she will help me do a little massage on my tummy with the SEXY MUM cream and then wrap me up. I have to take off and do this everyday myself. The little improvements I see on a daily basis is totally worth all the trouble.

If you are interested, here’s how much it costs.

It is definitely pricer than other Jamu massage places but I think it’s worth every dollar. I am seeing a smaller tummy already and Valerie does value add in so many ways which I can only be grateful for. She helped my husband feed the baby once when he was all alone and the baby was crying, she comes to my place and leaves the machine at my place for the duration of the entire treatment (no need to travel to her outlet for the machine treatment!) and she even gives me so much good advice on what to do and what not to do during confinement, as well as tips for baby care.

I was like most mummies, I was about to go with a freelance Jamu massage lady till a friend told me all about the dangers of going with freelancers. They don’t take a deposit, they are cheap (no package purchase) and they don’t have a company – tell me how risky is that!

Anyhoo, Valerie is having a special deal for her pre natal massages (read here), just mention my name. Do try her out for pre natal massage so that you can gauge how good she is for yourself. You will also able to find out more about the post natal slimming treatment :)


Update April 2016: I’m pregnant with baby 2 and I have engaged Valerie again! Check out my journey here.


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