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LipoCryo Fat Reduction: Freezed the fats away from my thighs!

Have you read my previous post on the LipoCryo Fat Reduction Treatment on my arms at Celevenus? The whole concept of freezing fat cells away without doing anything is soooooo addictive. So addictive that I went back again, this time around to freeze the fats away from the back of my upper thighs.

What is LipoCryo Fat Reduction Treatment?

LipoCryo is a targeted Fat Reduction treatment offered at Celevenus – a really posh aesthetics centre located at Ngee Ann City. It is a precisely controlled process using the technology of cryolipolysis that simply targets, cools, and eliminates fat cells without damage to the surrounding skin and tissues. After one treatment, your body will naturally eliminate these crystallized fat cells after they are broken down.

lipocryo fat reduction celevenus

So all I did was read a magazine for 2 hours (1 hour per thigh) while the LipoCyro machine freezed away all my fat cells. The therapists there were super friendly and kept coming in to my room to check on me and make sure I am doing well.

She so nice to help me take photo somemore. HAHA!

I have all these loose fats after giving birth and LipoCryo Fat Reduction is like the answer to eliminate all these excess fat cells painlessly and without fuss.

None invasive, targeted fat reduction and little to no side effect. The average percentage fat loss on the area of treatment is 20%. Some results may be visible after 15 days, but usually a period of 6 weeks is required for the main results to show.

Post Treatment Situation

After an hour of treatment, here’s how the LipoCryo Fat Reduction treatment area looks like:

lipocryo fat reduction celevenus

Not as red as how my arms looked like, and the redness went away within a day. There was no bruising at all too. When the LipoCyro applicator head was removed from my thigh, the area around my thigh felt really cold. There was absolutely no pain at all. The only slight discomfort during the treatment was the way I was lying down for a whole two hours.

What I did was to get up after I finish one thigh and go to the toilet. A little walking helped. Then it was back to another hour of lying on my tummy. A little discomfort for an average of 20% fat loss in the treatment area? TOTALLY WORTH IT PLEASE.

If you’re interested, my doctor’s Dr. Dylan Chau. :) 


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