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Boob Job: Fillers versus Implants

If I had the money, time and interest in doing either of the above, I would choose the non-invasive way and go for an enhancement without going under the knife.

Women find fault in our boobs in all possible manners; their size, firmness, uniformity and location. It’s easy to find flaws. And while the breast implant business may be booming, it’s certainly not for everyone. Not for me to begin with.

I always thought that if someone wants to enhance their boobs, the only way is to go under the knife, but we all know how scary and risky that could be. But I recently read from Aesthetics Hub that there is a Boob Filler that allows doctors to re-sculpt, restore lost volume, contour and shape the breast. Makers claim it can even make you a cup size bigger. o.O. It contains Hyaluronic Acid is which is naturally found in the body and is very safe.

Yes, like dermal fillers, it’s not long term, but it’s so much safer and the best part is, YOU CAN ALWAYS GO BACK TO WHAT YOU WERE IF YOU REGRET!

There are just way too many horror stories about boob jobs gone wrong. Women are willing to go the extra mile for beauty but take precaution and be well read before making any decision! :)